Our People

Origins and Purpose

The Party was established in 2016 by people from different political backgrounds who are deeply worried by the failure of our existing political structures to challenge inequality, the decline of democratic participation and the rise of intolerant nationalism. The Party’s primary purpose is to define and promote a new social market vision for a prosperous, tolerant, modern, egalitarian and socially just society.    

Constitution and Governance

The Party is constituted as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Executive Committee

As set out in the Constitution, the Party is governed by an Executive Committee, whose members include the Directors of the Company and up to six other party members. The current members of the Executive are: Luke Hudson, Colin Tassell, Patrick Gray OBE, Dr Winifred Gray.


Party Secretary: Patrick Gray, Nominations Officer: Colin Tassell, Election Organiser: Luke Hudson.

Programme Preparation

The members of the Executive are grateful to the many members and friends of the Party for expert advice and assistance in preparing the Programme.


The Party’s Office is located in Oxford.


Membership of the Party is open to anyone over the age of 16 who complies with the conditions set out in the Constitution and reproduced on the membership application form. The Party has members in all of the English regions, in Scotland and in Wales.