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Objective 1

Honest, Accountable Politics

Poverty and gross inequality do not result from the “laws of economics” but from political failure….

Objective 2

Embedding Democracy

Erosion of local democracy has played a central part in the neo-conservative agenda and has gone…

Objective 3

An Economy For All

Political reform alone will not be enough to create a prosperous and egalitarian society. This also…

Objective 4

Equality and Tolerance

Inequality is at the root of our most serious social problems: it offends our sense of…

Objective 5

Humane and Effective Justice

Our system of justice and punishment has been gravely damaged by underfunding, right-wing dogma and failure…

Objective 6

Excellent Schools

Britain combines some of the best universities in the World with secondary schools which seriously under-perform…

Objective 7

Adult Education

In many respects, our universities are a huge success. At the end of the Second World…

Objective 8

Health and the NHS

The creation of the National Health Service marked a decisive moment in the UK’s adoption of…

Objective 9

Harnessing Science

Britain has played an exceptional part in the advance of science and has benefitted from this through…

Objective 10

Saving Our Environment

The linked threats of climate change and the warming and degradation of the ocean pose as…

Objective 11

Britain and the World

Our security, well-being and global influence depend both on our relationship with Europe and our allies…

Objective 12

The Way Forward

A fossilised electoral system and failure to build a fully developed social market paved the way…