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Objective 1

Real Democracy

Poverty and gross inequality are not a result of the laws of economics but of political…

Objective 2

Empowering the Public

A healthy democracy demands not just a fair electoral system, but genuine democratic engagement at all…

Objective 3

An Economy For All

Political reform alone will not create a prosperous and egalitarian society. This also demands a clear…

Objective 4

Equality and Tolerance

Inequality is at the root of our most serious social problems; it offends our desire for…

Objective 5

Justice and Society

Our system of justice and punishment has been gravely damaged by underfunding, failure by successive governments…

Objective 6

Our Schools

An education system that provides opportunities for all must be at the centre of any programme…

Objective 7

Adult Education

In many respects, our universities are a huge success. At the end of the Second World…

Objective 8

Health and the NHS

A modern, accountable and properly funded National Health Service is central to the Radical Party’s programme…

Objective 9

Science and Society

Britain has played an exceptional part in the advance of science and has benefited from this through…

Objective 10

Saving the Environment

We rightly give a high priority to maintaining our capacity to protect ourselves from military threats….

Objective 11

Britain and the World

Our relationship with our neighbours in Europe and other countries around the World is crucial for…

Objective 12

The Way Forward